Types of courses

Types of courses

Lesson = 60 min.

Intensive Courses

Our Crash programmes are intensive and highly effective for students who need to make rapid progress in Portuguese. Usually on a weekly basis, taken in lessons of a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes booked in blocks of 30 hours. The lessons’ schedule is adapted to the student’s working hours and the company’s training request.

Group Courses

Portuguese course in very small groups of adult learners (max 2-4). These courses focus on general language development and communicative competency for all those who use Portuguese language


Private Portuguese tuition is ideal for students who need to maximise their progress during a short stay in Portugal. Designed to be effective, stimulating and practical, the content of an Portuguese tuition is personalised to the individual, following a detailed pre-course needs analysis and language assessment.

Specialised Professional courses

We have language tutors with specialist knowledge in Business, Communications, Business Management, Marketing, Economy, Financial, Law & Legal, Medicine, Banking, Tourism, Food, Human Resources /Staff and Real Estate


Participants who are looking for genuine personalised consultancy to learn a language quickly and effectively should choose our VIP courses. This format is perfect for all those wishing to have at their disposal a teacher who is exclusively theirs and who can adapt to their needs at any time of the year. The VIP classes can be scheduled and taken at any location the student desires.
Treatment is highly confidential.

Individual Skype Portuguese and German Lessons

TradiMillenium‘s individual Skype lesson option is based on being able to provide students with a quick response to their immediate needs. This innovative learning platform provides students with online teacher development courses. Unlike a residential face-to-face course, learning online gives you the flexibility to set your own study hours and save money on travel and accommodation
Courses via Skype: 60min = JUST 15 EUROS
Feel free to contact us: languages(at)tradimillenium.com

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