Our services are specialised and tailored to each client, and include: Translation, Interpreting and Proofreading services

TradiMillenium provides translations, proofreading and high quality face-to-face interpretation services  for your meetings, conferences, delegation visits or for events in the public sector.
With a professional linguistic team working in their mother tongue and specialised in various sectors, TradiMillenium is able to offer you specialised services of translation and interpretation.

Types of Translation

  • Technical translations
  • Legal translations
  • Translations in the medical field
  • Sworn translations
  • Translations certified by a notary or embassy
  • Apostille

We work with DVDs, cassettes, CDs, videos and other physical media for documents

 Specific Experience & Knowledge
In our experience the translator must have:

  • direct experience of the subject matter
  • a clear understanding of the context
  • industry experience
  • an understanding of the appropriate tone of voice
  • knowledge of industry terminology
  • at least 5 years experience

All of these factors need to be addressed to produce high quality translation services

Types of Interpretation

Depending on the size and nature of the meeting different types of interpretation will be required, simultaneous or consecutive.
*Simultaneous interpretation* is used more frequently. The interpreters sit in a booth with a clear view of the meeting room, listen to the speaker through headphones and interpret the speech as it unfolds, i.e. simultaneously, into the other conference languages. This requires high levels of concentration and interpreters will therefore need to alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for multilingual meetings, events with a large number of participants and for the broadcasting media.

*Consecutive interpretation*: the interpreter sits at the table with the delegates or on the platform next to the speaker and interprets the speech into the required language once the speaker has finished speaking. The interpreter takes notes to give an accurate rendering of the speech which may be delivered in sections, up to approximately 15 minutes. Consecutive interpretation is suitable for meetings with fewer languages or for formal occasions such as dinners, or when it is not possible to install technical equipment.

*Whispering*: When only one or two delegates require assistance, the interpreter can sit next to them and whisper into the required language. This technique is strenuous and tiring for listeners and it is only appropriate for short meetings involving a very small number of languages.

TradiMillenium also provides the technical equipment.


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