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TradiMillenium uses traditional teacher-student teaching methods, putting great emphasis on oral sociolinguistic communication as well as lexical, phonological and syntactic knowledge.
Direct contact with the teacher and simulating real-life situations allow the student, from day one, to speak without the need to resort to translation. The teaching of structural elements of the language is natural and progressive. The teacher relies as little as possible on theoretical explanations. Students are encouraged to work out rules for themselves through examples and are given confidence to participate actively in the learning process.

Please, give us your feedback if you have participated in one of our Language Courses.

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  1. João Mendes says:

    Curso e Professor espetacular.
    Fiz um curso individual, com a intensidade que queria, personalizada, e rapidamente atinja o nível que desejava.
    O Professor era super disponível, os horários e aulas eram fáceis de combinar e adaptar caso necessário, e ajudaram-me imenso. As aulas e curso também foram adaptadas ás minhas necessidades individuais e objectivos.
    Recomendo vivamente.
    Voltaria a aprender alemão aqui!

  2. Mário Jorge Soares says:

    I had the opportunity to have some German lessons with Thomas during my German language learning process( which is still under way). Of the various teachers I have had, I can say that his teaching contributed the most to my understanding of the German Language. His clear and enlightened explanations permit a quick and correct understanding of otherwise difficult and cumbersome aspects of the German Language learning process.

  3. Ricardo Jesus says:

    Tenho tido uma experiência fantástica com esta empresa e este método de aprendizagem. O professor Thomas é paciente e sabe ter a velocidade correcta para leccionar de forma eficaz.

    Aconselho vivamente a Tradmillenium e o professor Thomas, se querem aprender de uma forma rápida e bem disposta Alemão.

    Ricardo de Jesus

  4. Marina Ramos says:

    I had a wonderfull experience learning German Language for Hospitality purposes with Thomas. He made all the classes fun and simple, trying to teach both me and my son in a speedy 19 day record time, and it sure did work allright, since he passed his exam…

    Thank you so much for all your patience and learning skills, that were great and made my son like German Language ( me too).

    Best Regards


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